Let us help you win that next listing! Our Matterport 3D Spaces will help win over any prospective seller because they are the most immersive way to experience any home on the market. Turn the seller’s property into an always-open house, and let prospective buyers explore like never before.


… with no upfront cost!


You can use an iPad, iPhone, or laptop during your listing presentation. We recommend using an iPad for the most interactive experience with your client.

*Laptop will require an internet connection*

  1. Download the FREE Matterport 3D Showcase App

    The offline Showcase App for iOS is a great way to show off Matterport and it includes several sample 3D Spaces. You can find it by searching “Matterport 3D Showcase” on the Apple® App Store.

    *Once you’ve downloaded the 3D Showcase App, select a few example Spaces to download from within the App. Please note you must have Wi-Fi or cellular access to download the Spaces. We recommend doing this prior to your meeting, as Wi-Fi may not be available during your listing presentation. Be sure to download sample space’s that are similar to your client’s home.

  2. Learn the features

    Matterport has many features that will draw buyers in and attract qualified leads. Showcasing these technology features is key to winning over a home seller.

  • Familiarize yourself with the 3D Space you selected.

  • Run through the following features and functionality:

3. Practice the pitch

To help get the message across, we recommend…

  • Positioning to your client - “Prospective buyers want to walk through any space at any time, as if they’re there. Matterport gives them that ability.“

  • Recommended Script: “I have a game changing technology that is going to help sell your home, fast. This incredible state of the art tool offers the latest and greatest marketing advantages - it allows you to have an always-open house, get more eyes on your property, and sell your home quickly by allowing buyers to explore your home like never before. Let me me show you how it works.”

4. Prepare the equipment

Ensure all equipment for your presentation is charged the night before (iPad, iPhone, laptop), and has downloaded space’s ready to go.

  • When meeting on-site with your prospective client, follow your standard listing presentation process. If you meet the home sellers at their property, keep an eye out for “selling” features such as marble floors or original crown molding that you can suggest to indicate with Mattertag Posts later on in the presentation.

  • Open the Matterport 3D Showcase App on your iPad, iPhone, or computer and run through your pitch (see #3 above). Don’t forget the following features/selling points of a Matterport 3D showcase you practiced.

  • Let your client engage with the 3D Space on your device. Let them walk through a space and experience what it’s like. Trust us - they will love it!


Always makes sure to follow up with home sellers after your presentation. Provide them with an easily accessible link to remind them what you can offer them. If you do not have your own space to send them, you can use this link in your follow up message: You can also use this embed code on a custom property landing page as well:

<iframe width='853' height='480' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen allow='vr'></iframe>