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We use professional grade Leica Disto Laser Measures, 3D Laser Scanners and 3D Infrared Structured Light Scanners to accurately capture your space.


West Coast Measuring uses professional grade Leica survey tools to ensure 100% accuracy.  Our laser distance meters are regularly calibrated and have outstanding accuracy of  +/- 1mm at distances of 10 meters (+/- 1/32" at 33ft).


Our Measuring Technicians are also equipped with the latest in mobile technology. Our tablet computers are leading edge and loaded with the latest mobile CAD software.  This allows our onsite Technicians to confirm drawing measurements before leaving site. Saving precious time and considerable expense. 


Matterport 3D is next level marketing that increases engagement, builds emotional attachment and differentiates your business from others.  In simple terms – it’s a killer marketing tool.

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By using the latest technology, West Coast Measuring can provide measurements, floor plans and drawings quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional, time consuming methods.  Using laser measuring devices allows the measuring of great distances without the need for long obtrusive tapes,  and many of our measurements can be taken from just the entrance or doorway of a room - keeping disturbances at a minimum.